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Land Rover’s iconic Defender embraces the impossible, every member of the Defender family is purposefully designed, highly desirable and seriously durable. It features styling that manages to respect models of the past while at the same time anticipating the future. The Land Rover dates back to 1948, and for the last 76 years, it has been intrinsically linked to humanitarian and conservation work around the world, including the likes of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the Tusk Trust. With many of these aid organisations being in 3rd world countries, access is usually not easy and requires something that can cross any terrain thrown at it. The Defender, in any body style, be it the short-wheel base 90, the regular 110 or the longer 130, has legendary off-road prowess which has driven the brand to amazing sales figures that have been amassed across no less than 121 countries. The Defend has always been very utilitarian, built with a purpose, and so it’s never really had a performance model as such. Fans loyal to the brand have opted for the current range of Range Rovers when they were wanting an SUV with more power than it has a right to have. While they’re also capable off-road, it’s the Defender line that’s been used for proper overlanding travel. With that in mind, the folks at Jaguar Land Rover have decided that it’s high time for a Defender that will have Range Rover power. That’s what this is, a rather secretive preview of the upcoming Defender OCTA that departs from the norm by seeing the fitment of a petrol-powered twin-turbocharged V8 with added mild-hybrid power. They say it will be the toughest, most capable and most luxurious Defender ever.

This new Defender OCTA doesn’t only get a new powerplant, there will be a host of features and model-specific add-ons to make sure anyone who sees it knows it’s the range-topper of the model line. Mark Cameron, Managing Director, Defender, said: “Defender has been synonymous with all-terrain capability, with a bloodline tracing back to the Series 1 in 1948. New Defender OCTA will take this to another level, with a dramatic stance, innovative technology and unparalleled attention to detail. With astounding performance and a bold new attitude, it will enable our clients to master epic adventures in heightened luxury. The Defender OCTA name and signature graphic are representative of the vehicle’s strength, resilience and desirability – inspired by the vehicle’s diamond-like tough luxury credentials. The new signature graphic is particularly significant as it will be the first time it is seen on a Defender – and it will identify all flagship Defender models in the future.”  The off-roader will be equipped with 6D Dynamics technology that features an innovative pitch and roll control system to enable the Defender OCTA to maintain a near-level stance during acceleration, braking and cornering on-road, while at the same time maximising independent wheel travel and articulation across proper off-road terrain. The diamond octahedron shape inspires the new OCTA name because diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth, also renowned for their rarity. The new encircled diamond graphic symbolizes the flagship Defender model and will feature some interior and exterior components. There will also be a gloss black diamond within a machined and sandblasted titanium disc on each Signature Graphic panel. From the supplied images, we can see a leather-covered airbag on the steering wheel with thicks stitching around, as well as a new button bottom-centre that looks like it will put the Defender OCTA into a special drive mode. We can see a new wheel design and also a fat set of Brembo brake calipers, so we expect the wheels to be at least 18 inches in diameter to cover a decently-sized set of calipers. We’re keen to see the full OCTA, it should be something quite special.

Take a look at the YouTube video that sadly doesn't show the new Land Rover OCTA, because it hasn't been released yet. This is just a reminder of what the last incarnation of the Defender looked like and featured. It's still a worldwide favourite, and that means the new OCTA has some very big shoes to fill: Introducing the Land Rover Defender | Land Rover

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