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Being a lifelong Volkswagen fan, I’ve followed the evolution of the performance models since I could drive, and getting my licence in 1996 meant that I was besotted with the Mk3 GTi, and I saw the launch of every GTi since. The Mk4 made the biggest impression on me, which I why I bought a nice and clean one just over two years ago. Back when it launched in the late 90s, the MK4 GTi was the halo car right up until 2002, and that’s when things changed a lot. While we never officially received any here in SA, the Mk4 R32 quickly became a typing of wonder and amazement. It was the same MK4 that I loved, except it was fitted with a normally-aspirated 3.2-litre 6-pot powerplant that was mated to the very first incarnation of the DSG gearbox, and as if that wasn’t enough to make it uber-desirable, it was made all-wheel drive. Over the years, each new Golf model has seen the range-topper wearing the now iconic R badge, and these Golfs have all followed the same recipe of a great engine with all-wheel drive underpinnings. The R models weren’t restricted to the Golf though, the men in white coats in Wolfsburg managed to give the full R treatment to a host of other cars in the lineup, including the Passat, Arteon, Touareg, T-Roc, Tiguan and Jetta. The styling on the R cars is such that it’s easy to differentiate R models from the rest, well it used to be. There was a demand for cars that looked like the range-toppers but at a better budget, so the R-Line trim was created and fitted to a host of Volkswagens. While these do look good, they’re not really genuine R cars. Some R cars weren’t as good as others, like the Scirocco R, it had the styling, the powerplant and the interior, but it was left with a front-wheel drive setup. While it’s a true R car, it wasn’t quite on par with the rest. I’d still bite someone in the face for a ‘Roc R though. I’m not alone in my fascination for all things R, there are hundreds of thousands of people like me around the world, and Volkswagen know this and they’ve just done something cool for the R brand.

This summer (in Europe) Volkswagen R is gearing up to unveil its own dedicated pavilion at Autostadt in Wolfsburg. Headed by Reinhold Ivenz, Volkswagen R is poised to elevate its presence within the Volkswagen brand portfolio. With a focus on high-performance models and cutting-edge technologies, the brand aims to captivate visitors with its R-branded offerings. Also, as Volkswagen R transitions into an all-electric future, the new pavilion will offer exclusive insights into concept cars and next-generation technologies, enhancing the R customer experience. Spanning approximately 100 square meters, the pavilion will feature a presentation area flooded with light, showcasing the latest vehicles and exhibits where visitors can immerse themselves in the world of motorsport with virtual racing simulators, ensuring an adrenaline-fueled experience. Armin Maus, Chairman of the Autostadt Management Board comments: “In the new Volkswagen R pavilion, innovation and sportiness will be combined with the fascination for technical perfection. With the premium performance brand Volkswagen R, we have a strong partner that perfectly complements the Autostadt as a centre of automotive enthusiasm and enriches it with a genuine attraction for our guests.” The pavilion will host rotating exhibitions highlighting various themes within the Volkswagen R universe, from innovation and performance to design concepts and lifestyle accessories. There will also be exclusive events tailored for the rapidly growing Volkswagen R fan community, including the 'Friends of R' group and the iconic 'R & Coffee' fan meet-ups. Peter Jost, Head of Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen R, says: “The new Volkswagen R pavilion in the Autostadt does not just offer us a new venue where we can showcase ourselves even better as a premium performance brand within the Volkswagen brand world. With this pavilion, we are also creating a meeting point for the Volkswagen R community and are thus becoming even more accessible and authentic as a brand. We will quickly fill this promise to the R Community with life.”

Take a look at the YouTube video that's part of a series dedicated to all things R on Volkswagen's dedicated R YouTube channel. In this 7th instalment, the studio guests talk about the fast and future of the R brand within Volkswagen: The past and the future of Volkswagen R I Let‘s talk about R #7 I Volkswagen R

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