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As Max leads the F1 championship over his closest rival, 7-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, everything is at stake for both Verstappen and Red Bull.

However, at the 2021 British Grand Prix, things took a turn for the worse for Red Bull. After lights out, with Max on pole, Lewis was off to a great start and chased Verstappen with centimetres to spare between both the Mercedes and Red Bull. However, just seconds into the race, and around Copse corner, one of the fastest corners of all F1 circuits, Lewis Hamilton assumed he had the line and clipped the rear right tyre of the Red Bull. This sent Verstappen into the barrier at over 180 mph, which expressed 51G of force onto Max's body.

Fortunately, Verstappen managed to climb out of the wreck relatively unscathed. He was sent to hospital for a thorough check before being released the same day.

On the live stream of the race, we got a viewpoint from behind the two cars involved, which were devastating enough. But this time, we see the viewpoint from one of the spectators sitting right behind the barrier wall where Max Verstappen had his crash!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Stephen Bentley, on Max Verstappen Crash 1st Lap British Grand Prix.

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