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Are you one of those who grew up with Need For Speed Underground 2 and wished they would make a remake? No need to wait, here is how you can mod the legendary game to play in 16:9 4K.

Need For Speed Underground 2 is arguably the best Need For Speed to date as it was the First Need For Speed game to feature open-world gameplay. It included insane car modifications that were never seen after the game or in any other Need For Speed, such as hydraulics, nitrous purge which can be coloured, fully customizable sound installs, spinners and even offerd fully modifiable dyno tuning! It also offered gamers a wide variety of the best tuner cars the world had to offer, which are still iconic even today, such as the Nissan R34 GTR, Toyota Supra, Nissan 240SX S13, Mitsubishi Eclipse, 3000GT and Evo, and even some SUV's such as the Cadillac Escalade. The game also had a banging soundtrack that mostly consisted of rock and hip-hop, thanks to EA Tracks.

Youtube channel, UFD Tech, breaks down the best practices to get Need For Speed Underground 2 close to a modern 2020 game, with mods that will increase the resolution up to 4K and widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Other mods can help with texture, gamma and anti-aliasing, as well as increasing the frame rate to give you the best gaming experience with a game that was launched way back in 2004.

Take a look at the video below by UFD Tech and see exactly how to make Need For Speed Underground 2 a game that will be mind-blowing yet again in 2020.

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