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We take a ride with Wheelhouse as Nolan sets about ranking each car from the Fast And Furious franchise in his order of preference.

This is no small feat. Eight movies and 116 cars make up this ranking, and those are just the cars that are used by the actors, it excludes many vehicles that were used in the background of many scenes.

The Fast And Furious franchise brought the street-racing culture into the mainstream, there's no denying it. But, it has encompassed more about car culture in general than many people would even consider.

Think about it, these movies have delivered everything. We've seen all-American muscle cars challenging the Japanese drifting scene while hot rods take on supercars. There are heavily modified pick-ups, not to mention prototypes in various shapes and forms. Hell, there are gorgeous classics battling tanks, it's a méle of petrolhead nirvana!

But, back to the list and its ranking, it's clearly a subjective view which will get tongue's wagging as I'm sure you'll all have your own opinions. Regardless, this is a comprehensive list and well worth the watch!

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