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Sebastian Vettel, amongst others, feels strongly about not participating in the 2022 Russian F1 Grand Prix due to the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

A few days ago, the F1 2022 drivers attended a press conference ahead of the first race which is set to take place in a month's time and spoke of their expectations for the season ahead alongside their brand new cars that they will be competing in.

However, this took place roughly the same time Russian forces invaded Ukraine. Sebastian Vettel, alongside a few others, made their feelings clear about not participating in the Russian F1 Grand Prix if it were to still go ahead later on in the year.

As a result, further discussions were had in the F1 governing bodies and FIA around the situation. It has now been confirmed that the Russian Grand Prix of 2022 has indeed been cancelled due to the uncertainty of the conflict situation and what F1 as a whole stands for.

Sebastian Vettel had this to say: "In my personal opinion, obviously I woke up again to this morning's news and I was shocked,” Vettel continued. “I think it's horrible to see what is happening and obviously if you look at the calendar we have a race scheduled in Russia. For myself, my opinion is I should not go, I will not go. I'm just really shocked and sad to see what's going on. We will see going forward, but I think my decision is already made.

“I'm sorry for the people, innocent people that are losing their lives, that are getting killed for stupid reasons and a very, very strange and mad leadership.”

Red Bull 2021 F1 Champion added: “I think when a country is at war it’s not correct to race there, that’s for sure,” Verstappen said. “But it’s not only what I think, but it’s also the whole paddock (that is) going to decide what we are going to do next.”

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