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Rolls Royce is working on their first SUV, the Cullinan, but someone decided it would look cool if the Ghost got an off-road makeover. 

The rendering artist goes by the name MoAoun and has the 'wow factor' that makes the car worth sharing. As far as the upgrades go, the Ghost has raised suspension with a very generous ground clearance, chunky tires, a snorkel, steel bumpers and plate, additional lights, plastic fender flares and a roof box that have significantly transformed the Ghost. 

Those interested in a Rolls-Royce that would take them further once the comfort of the tarmac ends will have to wait until next year when the Cullinan is expected to hit the market.  It will be one of the most luxurious SUVs in its segment, promising to offer a great ride quality, plenty of space inside the vehicle and the latest technology features. The Rolls-Royce will also feature a big V12 engine under the hood, all wrapped under a design that will make it instantly recognizable as a Rolls, with a front end similar to that of the new Phantom. Check out the gallery to see the concept that the artist MoAoun has for the Rolls-Royce Ghost. 

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