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When Topgear's last season was suddenly canned after the whole debacle with Jeremy and his producer, there were two unaired films waiting to be broadcast that never went live, for obvious reasons.  The BBC has finally merged these to into a final special episode, with James May and Richard Hammond recently filming the studio sections, without badboy Jeremy.

A BBC spokesperson said:

“In the first film, Jeremy, Richard and James immerse themselves in the lifestyle of the traditional classic car enthusiast.
“Armed with affordable classics including a Fiat 124 Spyder, a Peugeot 304 Cabriolet and an MGB GT, the trio set off on an adventure that includes brown beer, breakdowns and a hair raising classic car show.
“In the second film, Clarkson, Hammond and May try to become lifestyle leisure enthusiasts with the help of some incredibly cheap lifestyle leisure vehicles.
“Restricted to a maximum budget of £250, the trio buy three massive mileage SUVs and then embark on a series of action-packed challenges that include battling with the Stig’s “Leisure Activity Cousin” and a race with terrifying consequences for the loser.”

It is not clear exactly when the episode will be broadcast, but it will be a great farewell to the show.

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