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Christian von Koenigsegg is showing the world that the backing of one of the big automakers in order to build supercars isn’t required.

As a way to give back to one of his hard working employees, he decided to film a reaction to the new Regera. Production will be limited to only 80 cars, and the plug-in hybrid uses forced induction along with a V8 to make 1,100 hp and 2000Nm of torque.

Steven Wade, a Staff Editor for Koenigsegg's blog, jumped at the opportunity for a introduction to the new car with his boss.

Turn up your volume and listen to Mr. Koenigsegg explain in detail the timing and logic behind the transmission’s shifting. Any car making this much torque doesn’t need a transmission. If the Regera had a manual, you could start it in 6th gear and be north of 170 in short order. The dual-clutch box, which is heard shifting early while cruising, hints that the Regera will probably see respectable fuel economy numbers as well. 


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