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Have you wondered what an all-electric midsize sedan from Infiniti could look like in eight years from now, well look no further...The designer Navneeth Kannan started imagining a futuristic Infiniti-badged model, with a driver-focused design with a bold architecture that gives a subtle hint at its electrified powertrain. 

The driver would sit in an enclosed structure, that is surrounded by an elongated centre console. The steering wheel is particularly interesting, well you can hardly call it a wheel since it is not shaped like one, but instead looks like something from a sci-fi movie. The Infiniti concept car also has a slim display embedded into the top part where you can see car's speed and presumably other bits of info as well. 

The exterior of the car does show two features that help recognise this concept as being an Infiniti (like the grille and arguably the headlights too), this concept might be a little too futuristic, but to see this in 8 years from now might actually be possible.

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