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The new 2020 car game, Fast And Furious Crossroads, has been teased, and it's looking good.

There have been a number of car games in the past that made use of the Fast And Furious name, but they never really made it big, not coming close to being a competitor to the mighty Need For Speed franchise, which would be its closest rival. Need For Speed bluntly based their games' look and feel on the Fast And Furious franchise from as early as 2003, with Need For Speed Underground 1, which left no room for a new Fast And Furious titled video game.

But, as the Fast and Furious franchise grew into a massive and diverse storyline, it shifted away from being solely based on street racing, moving on to be a military-themed action-packed movie franchise which, ultimately, opened up new possibilities for a gaming franchise based on the movies.

The new game, titled Fast And Furious Crossroads, has officially been teased, and looks as exciting and action-packed as the movies are! Take a look at the Fast And Furious Crossroads game-play trailer in the video down below.

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