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Russian creator builds a tank out of a luxury Bentley.

What inspires people to do these crazy builds, if you can call it that? Is it because they have too much money? Perhaps it's to try get more views and a higher Instagram and YouTube following? Or is it maybe something else, who knows? But, all we can say is that it is insanely cool!... or is it?

When you think of a Bentley, you probably think luxury, sophistication, performance and status. A tank is probably the last thing on your mind – but this guy decided to merge the two.

This poor Bentley fell victim to a Russian car Frankenstein who hacked it apart and modified it with the mechanics and chassis of a tank, making this luxury saloon a well fitted all-terrain vehicle capable of going pretty much anywhere the driver fancies.

Yeah, as you have probably guessed already, after the modification the Bentley Continental has dropped a few seconds from its 0-60 time, but that seems to not trouble the Russian creator at all, as long as he has the ability to drive over anything that gets in his way.

Have a look at the crazy Bentley tank below.

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