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A Lamborghini is something to aspire to, it’s one of those automotive brands with posters on the walls of kids and adults alike. A common phrase uttered when seeing a super sexy Lamborghini is: “when I win the lotto…” because, well they’re ridiculously expensive and out of the reach of most mere mortals. The good news is that if you do want a Lamborghini, there is an affordable (also debatable) option in the form of a Segway Ninebot GoKart Pro - Lamborghini Edition. They’ve been out for a few years now, and have been popular enough for a Version 2 to be created. Admittedly an electric go-kart version of a Lamborghini isn’t exactly a way of telling the world that you’ve made it, but it will most certainly attract attention where you take it.  

This Segway Ninebot can get someone of 100 kg up to 40 km/h and has a 25 km range, which is just about enough to get around a decent motoring event instead of having to be healthy and walk everywhere. If you did manage to run it flat, four hours will get the battery back up to 100% capacity so you can keep being lazy instead of walking around like normal folk. Driver aids included on the Segway Ninebot Go Kart Pro Lamborghini Edition includes four speed modes featuring different limits so you can really slow it down for your lil’ ones, although in our case the lil’ ones would have a fight on their hands to get to use the kart. They can buy their own. There are also some decent brakes, an automatic brake that activates when you stop on a slope, and an emergency handbrake for quick stopping when the situation requires it. Onboard audio comes via a Bluetooth speaker that plays a bunch of genuine Lamborghini engine sounds, but it can also stream your YouTube Music and have tunes pumping to impress people. 

Segway Ninebot Go Kart Pro Lamborghini Edition Specifications

Max Speed: 40 km/h - 3 km/h in reverse

Max Range: 25 km

Transmission: 4 Speed modes

Bright gold Lamborghini design

Bluetooth speaker with custom synchronised V10 engine sounds

LCD Speedometer

Hill-start assist (automatic brake when stopping on a slope)

Emergency handle brake for quick stops (skids)

Weight: 51.2 kg

Carry load: 100 kg

Custom rear tyres

Price: R40 000 + Import Costs

Take a look at the YouTube video review of this more affordable EV, the Segway-powered Lamborghini kart, a really cool little piece of kit that we'd happily use to get around ate events: Lamborghini x Segway Electric Go Kart Pro (Limited Edition) Full Review Australia | Electric Kicks

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