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The Volkswagen owned supercar sister company Lamborghini has officially announced their future plan on entering the electric vehicle market and adopting new technology into their offerings.

As recent as 2018, the CEO of Lamborghini had this to say: "Our target is to deliver a super sports car, and these specifications don't exist with a battery package in terms of energy and power."

However, in their latest statement, they have now confirmed that 2022 will be the very last year that Lamborghini models will be run purely on internal combustion engines.

Lamborghini's as of 2023 will in some form be equipped with plug-in hybrid technologies and electric motors.

We can only assume that this is largely influenced by their owner company Volkswagen and their long term goals as well as emission taxes especially in the United States and Europe.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Lamborghini Shows Off Plan To Enter Vehicles...

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