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This man managed to trap himself in his car for over 14 hours without leaving his own garage.

Sometimes the technology that is designed to make life so much easier and convenient ends up being nothing shy than a complete and utter pain in the ass.

This gentleman decided to take his Cadillac out for a drive after it was standing in the garage for a few months. Leaving a car standing for a few months has quite a few drawbacks, the main one being battery power loss. In this specific case, the car owner opened the door, comfortably got in and tried to get the engine started, but failed. He then realised that the battery was dead. That was not necessarily his biggest issue, this model Cadillac has fully electric door handles which don't work particularly well with no electricity!

He found himself trapped in his own car with no way out.

According to the video below, the owner says he tried smashing the window open several times but didn't succeed, his biggest fear was running out of oxygen and actually passed out twice while locked in the car. Fortunately, his neighbour realised what happened and came to his rescue.

Cadillac made a statement on this story and said they highly recommend that owners read the instruction manual to familiarise themselves with every feature on their cars because this car has a safety unlocking mechanism by the driver and passengers footwells.

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