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It's easy, instead of multi-million dollar vehicles racing for Le Mans glory, these are $500 cars, that really shouldn't be running, charging around a track all day and night – welcome to the 24 Hours Of Lemons.

According to the Nitro Circus YouTube channel; "Travis Pastrana, Lyn-z Pastrana, Streetbike Tommy, and Trevor Piranha enter 24 Hours of Lemons, an endurance race featuring $500 cars. The rules are simple – keep the car on the track, pointed forward, and don't hit anything – but that doesn't mean those rules are easy to follow for these four. Who among them ends up with the best lap time? The most black flags? The most damage to the car? The answers may surprise you. Or not."

In terms of a fun day out, this looks like it's something that should happen way more often!

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