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Blasting around a track is awesome. Nothing beats tearing down the tarmac at full tilt, flying from apex to apex and braking hard into a hairpin, just to come flying out the other side to do it all over again.

There's no doubt your adrenal glands work overtime when you're on the limit behind the wheel, the rush is electrifying, and your concentration levels need to be sky-high... It's joyous!

And it's not always for pro-drivers, the Nordschleife is open to the public too. The trouble with open track days though is, often, a fair amount of entrants are quite inexperienced. Throw in some foul weather or a touch of oil from someone elses tough luck and things can go completely wrong.

So, from racing cars pushing the limits to over-zealous Subaru drivers to track-specific supercar owners with heavy right feet, check out the video below for highlights of some of the craziest Nurburgring track day fails of late.

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