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Inevitably, gear-heads have that one mate who has a Subaru that has been modified in some way. But not like this! Could This Be The Most Modified Subaru WRX In The US?

There is a dude in the US that goes by the name, Mark Jager, and his Subaru WRX STi is pimped. It is possibly the most modified WRX in the States.

Mark started off as most petrolheads do, with light modifications to the intake, exhaust and suspension. Nothing overboard, until his wife organised him a day at the racing school at nearby Willow Springs Raceway.

Soon, Mark found himself on the track as often as possible, afforded to him for free after he volunteered to help organise races. Eventually, he became a driving instructor and decided to try his luck at a Time-Attack race in his Subaru.

Even with only the light mods to his WRX, Mark almost reached the podium, but the bug had bitten and his Time-Attack days were soon in full flight.

This, as you can expect, is when the real modifications to his car began. What you see in the video below is the result of years of work and bucket-loads of cash. Practically everything on this car has been upgraded, replaced or removed.

It pumps out 801hp and 660 torques to all four wheels from its 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine. Inside, it's a pure racecar, with only the essentials required to make the car move. On the outside, it's received a full body kit, including a massive front lip, rear diffuser and that enormous rear wing.

It's built for speed, with every modification done to shave off tenths of seconds of each Time-Attack battle.

It is, quite possibly, the most modified Subaru WRX STi in the US, and it's stunning! So, what are you waiting for? Hit play and let James from Bumper To Bumper at Donut tell you all about it.


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