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It's time to check in with the chaps over at Mighty Car Mods as they take two of their custom builds and set them against each other in an offroad challenge. It's the LS1 V8 Nissan S15 Silvia versus the Subaru Outfap!

Yup, these boys know how to have fun. In this instance, particularly dirty fun! Their objective for the day is to pit two of their Frankenstein creations against each other in a set of challenges... around a muddy field. 

Sounds like a blast, to be honest.

First things first, though... What on Earth are they driving? Well, let's just say that they're both one of a kind.

Marty is driving the Subaru Outfap. It started life as "a bog-standard Subaru Liberty. And an Outback." Yup, the boys chopped both cars up and then put them back together as one four-wheel-drive car. They added raised suspension, body kit, roll cage, light bar and other accessories. It was created to feature in a Super Jeep Auto advert, and it looks the bomb.

Moog, on the other hand, brought through their LS1, V8-powered Nissan Silvia, know as Mod Max. A previously written-off S15, it was built for Roadshow Entertainment for the Mad Max: Fury Road franchise. It's been jacked up and sports chunky mud tyres. Oh yes, and it was painted with fire.

So, back to the challenges, and it kicks off with a zero-to-60kph back to zero race, then off to do doughnuts, there's a drift challenge, a slalom and finally a race around an oval... er... track.

Needless to say, considering the only thing these cars have in common is raised suspension and mud tyres, it turns out to be a fascinating day out for the boys at Mighty Car Mods.

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