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It's a challenge within a challenge: the last person to lift their hand from the Subaru wins. But, to make it more interesting, it's loaded with smaller challenges too. It's time for some fun!

The guys at B Is For Build are having a bit of fun. After fixing up this Subaru WRX STi, big guy Chris decided to set the challenge for his staff and friend: last person standing with their hand still on the car gets to keep it.

That's a rad prize, worth $10,000!

During the challenge, he's added a few smaller competitions, like who can draw the best dinosaur while blindfolded, drawing names from a hat and ordering the most ludicrous food for that person, and throwing darts at a dartboard from really far away.

It's a hilarious video that'll put a smile on your dial, so hit that play button now and enjoy. Maybe we should do something like this for you guys...

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