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Incredible homemade go-kart that's powered by an engine from a Subaru WRX STI looks like so much fun.

If you think of all of the different combinations of engines and platforms that could possibly be combined in this world, you'd see there are some pretty awesome setups that could really come to life. Thankfully, as spectators to this awesome creativity, we get to see what some creative people have actually carried through with some of the world’s most amazing swaps, bringing together machines that you might’ve never thought to be possible.

Sometimes, these machines find a way to hop off the screen and into your heart, making you want to get behind the wheel for yourself. We have to say that the Subaru powered go-kart offers just that!

If you take a close look at this one, you can see lots of features that you would want, in something that you’re behind the wheel of, coming to life. For starters, the power to weight ratio has to be absolutely insane as it has no body panels, no creature comforts, honestly, not much of anything except for a roll cage and a chassis to ride on – in addition to the engine that was yanked straight from its Subaru WRX STI donor car.

What it does have, though, is the all-wheel-drive system retained from the Subaru that the guts were pulled out of, which looks to kick this awesomeness up a whole new level because, normally, with something like this, you usually only see rear-wheel-drive examples.

We have to warn you, though, that before you watch the video below, you might just fall in love with this machine and want to build one for yourself. It’s just that alluring.

Listening to this Subaru power plant crank out that unique Boxer note, as all four wheels are spinning hard on this machine, is bliss, as the driver behind the wheel here is throwing it around in the grass and looking like he’s having an absolute ball.

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