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Obsessed with making sure every aspect of your car is spotless? Then this video will be your ultimate car-porn as these guys spend 130 hours detailing this very expensive Porsche 911.

Brace yourself, this 20-minute highlight reel showcasing the ultimate detailing work will have you mesmerised. The attention to detail is astounding, but then it needs to be because like Jason from Chicago Auto Pros puts it, "This is a 1996 Porsche 911 Turbo ... with just 500 miles on the clock, making its value near $250 000."

130 man hours were spent on this remarkably valuable automobile... to put that into perspective, they spent more hours detailing this car than anyone has spent behind the wheel actually driving it.

Over six days, the team washed, buffed, polished and coated everything from top to bottom. They used a high-lift jack, removed the wheels and take parts of the engine apart to make sure they cover every inch of the undercarriage and bodywork that nobody ever sees. They even removed the badges to clean underneath them and strip the original protective coating from the paint and then re-applied it.

This video is epic. Damn, even the soundtrack is epic. If men show this type of attention to their ladies, there will never be an argument ever again!

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