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Over the last few months, more and more car manufacturers are becoming overwhelmed with the global shortage of microchips used in new cars, which ultimately causes them to be on hold before they can be sold!

Tesla has been suffering because of this, and only expect certain models to arrive at dealerships as brand new by the end of 2022! Volkswagen released a statement claiming they are in a crisis, with being over 100,000 new cars short due to the chip shortage. Ford claims to be making over 1,000,000 cars less this year, and the Stellantis group are also bringing new car production lines to a halt as a result.

There are many reasons as to why the global chip shortage exists, with the main one being Covid-19 related. Thousands of employees work at the chip manufacturing plant, and many of them had to be in quarantine for quite some time. Furthermore, electronics sales for smartphones, laptops, tablets, PlayStations and Xbox's went through the roof, as these devices were in high demand and all required microchips. On the other hand, people were not buying new cars at that stage, so the demand for chips was low.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Auto Trader, on Global Chip Shortage: Are PLAYSTATIONS Killing New Cars?

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