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They say all BMW drivers are cocky bastards and it's most likely true, but if you had such a hot car like this sinister blacked out M4, wouldn't you be, even just a little?


BMW's M cars have always had quite a big cult following, with cars like the E30 M3 and E46 M3 CSL fetching some really high prices with collectors around the world. One of the signature elements of the M models, especially the M3s was that they were always high revving naturally aspirated beasts. When the M4 was announced people were pretty confused. I mean c'mon, lets face it, it's basically still a M3, with BMW just strangely deciding to name the 4 door sedan a M3 and the 2 door coupe a M4. Although this was a little confusing it wasn't shocking, but what was shocking indeed, is that it would no longer be a naturally aspirated car, but instead would make use of forced induction, in the form of twin turbochargers.

Purists were quite outraged by this, and said that the car would lose it's character and just become another car, instead of something special. Well, they were wrong, weren't they, because the new M4 is amazing! The new 3 liter inline 6 cylinder motor with it's twin turbo setup works like a bomb, producing 425HP and 550Nm of torque. That's more than enough to shred a set of tyres with ease right? Then there's that epic exhaust sound; everybody thought it would be quiet, muted and bland but it's exactly the opposite. It's lively, raspy and just simply great, creating a syphomy in your ears as you plant the throttle into the floor.

Technology is also abundant in the car, with many parts made of carbon fiber to save weight, even including the driveshaft. The handling is also world-class, as you can expect from any M car, of course. Then there's the speed. 0-100km/h get taken care of in 3.7 seconds and this beast tops out at 260km/h, electronically limited.

Like they say, you can live in your car, but you can't drive around in your house, and the M4's interior is definitely a place you can stay in, if you really needed to. It's plush, sporty, refined and just plain hot! Those sports seats look sleek as they hug your body, and the light-up M badges is a great touch. BMW have really stepped it up a notch with the cabin, as that's one thing that was always lacking on BMW interiors, they were classy, but never really grabbed your attention. This one really does though!

Any hot car can be made to look even better though, with just a few key touches. So this particular one got it's wheels blacked out as well as the grilles and badges and all of this just makes the car look even more sinister.

BMW has really created one of their greatest cars with this beauty, and it's so great in actual fact,  that it all it needed to make it perfect, would be to have a M3 badge instead of the stupid M4 one, because we all know what it actually is. 


Car Specs

Model: BMW M4
Power: 425HP
Exterior: Blacked out Kidney grilles, Blacked out front and rear badges
Wheels: Blacked out wheels




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