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We have to understand where the term 'Rice' comes from. Some say that 'Rice' stands for Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancement and the term is usually given to those who don't really know cars at all but want to look the part, so they wrap their cars in vibrant colour, slap on some flame vinyl, hood scoops, the loudest exhaust tip known to man and a whole lot more, you get the picture!

But they are usually known for owning shitboxes like a beaten-up Honda Civic, VW Golf MKIV's and a few others as well. But what about a ricer who has a lot of money? That doesn't mean that having money automatically saves you from being a ricer at heart!

Take a look at these examples of the worst rice ricers:

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Drew Peacock on the topic of Money Definitely Can't Buy Taste! - Rich Ricers...

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