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Honda has always been focused on more stylish lightweight bikes that could basically be used in rural areas, or anywhere for that matter. Bikes were cheaper and had better gas mileage compared to the bigger bikes of today and one of those bikes was the iconic S90 (Super 90).

It was truly a unique looking motorcycle with its shiny chrome tank and stamped frame, booting a 89.6 cc SOHC 2-valve 4-stroke air-cooled engine with a top speed of 64mph. Now fast forward 50 years later the designer Igor Chak has decided to give this amazing Honda Super 90 motorcycle a second life. 

The main body construction kept the same ideology, unlike its predecessor this model has an aluminium inner frame with a carbon fibre outer shell to give it superb strength and stability with a reduced weight. The Honda Super 90 concept is also an Eco-Friendly electric motorcycle where the power comes from two electric hub motors, one for each wheel making it an all-wheel drive motorcycle. The electric hubs are powered by Li2S batteries that hold four times the energy of Lithium-ion batteries and it is located on the bottom portion to give a lower gravity point, that makes the bike use less energy and gives it a better performance. It also has electromagnetic brakes, making sure it requires less maintenance and last longer than conventional brakes.

Check out the video to see all the specs that the Honda Super 90 concept has to offer. 

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