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The release of the Tesla Model 3 has left the world thirsting for a high-tech car. Well, good news: there are options on the market that won't empty your wallet!

The Honda Civic EX with the Sensing package won Kelley Blue Book's 2017 Best Auto Tech Value Award. The car comes with an awesome package of semi-autonomous features for less than $25,000.

The Honda Civic sedan comes in five different trims, but Kelley Blue Book recommends the EX to get the most value for your money. 

The Honda Civic EX comes with a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine that gets a respectable 158 hp and 138 lb-ft of torque. In addition, it has a standard mileage for a sedan – 31MPG in the city and 40MPG on a highway.

Although the Honda Civic EX starts at $21,140, the Sensing package will add on an extra $1,000. That is an amazing deal – just under $23,000 gets owners a suite of driver assistance features!

This includes lane departure warning, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, and pre-collision that will bring your car to a stop if you move too close to an obstacle in front of you.

The sedan also comes with a multi-angle backup camera to show what is happening behind you. In addition, the Sensing package's Lane Watch feature displays the view down the car's right side on the seven-inch screen!

It also comes with a key fob that you can keep in your pocket – because you just push a button to start it up!

Another awesome feature is the electronic parking brake's hold features that presses the brakes for you at stoplights.

When speaking about the Honda, Kelley Blue Book wrote, "It's hard to imagine that one of the most recommendable cars in the industry also happens to offer the latest infotainment, convenience, and safety technology at a remarkably affordable price. But Honda made it so with the 2017 Civic, thus earning it a Best Auto Tech Award in the area of value."



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