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Take a look at this game review of F1 2020 with the return of split-screen gaming!

The F1 2020 game has been on the shelves for a few months already, which makes sense as the game franchise wants to have their sporting game out during the actual racing season. But, a lot of people are wondering how the game calendar compares to the rather bizarre Formula 1 grand pix calendar. The truth is that the 2020 game is set out as if 2020 was a normal season, and starts off its first Grand Prix in Australia and not Austria.

The 2020 F1 game is far more in-depth than before. It allows you to to create and run your own custom F2 and F1 team. You can create your own brand logo, colour scheme, clothing, helmets and even secure sponsorships. Whatsmore, you can choose how you want to spend your sponsorship earnings and hire and fire drivers and, even if a hired driver is not happy or gets a better counteroffer, they may randomly decide to leave your team!

Multiplayer in F1 was only possible over a network with two or more consoles or PC's, now in F1 2020, they have brought back split-screen gameplay, which hasn't been around in racing games for many years already!

Take a look at the IGN video below on the F1 2020 Game Review - Split Screen Is Back!

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