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Gordon Murray Automotive, the world-renowned automotive designer with South African roots, and his engineering firm have unveiled its latest creation, the T.33 Spider in short succession to the new of the bigger and badder T.50 model we saw the final design sign-off of just the other day. This new T.33 Spider is an open-top variant of the T.33 supercar, which is designed to be the world's most beautiful and accomplished two-seat supercar. The Spider's two removable roof panels offer an even more immersive driving experience, allowing drivers to feel the wind in their hair as they take to the road, well those that have hair left after getting to an age that would see them in a position to shell out huge money on a supercar. Staying true to Gordon Murray Automotive's design language, the T.33 Spider's design is timeless, with clean lines and brilliantly-proportioned flanks with a clear '60s design influence. The T.33 Spider is powered by the new normally-aspirated Cosworth GMA.2 V12 engine, which is said to be the finest V12 engine in the world right now - ironically just after the Lamborghini V12 was retired. Weighing in at just 178 kg, the 3.9-litre V12 is able to rev to a screaming 11,100 RPM and produces 459 kW with 451 Nm of torque, making it one of the most powerful engines in the world. This is mated to an H-gate 6-speed manual transmission created by renowned British motorsport specialists Xtrac, which is also the lightest supercar gearbox in the world at just 82 kg - weight is a big thing at GMA.

One of the most impressive features of the T.33 Spider is its advanced aerodynamics, which is based on the knowledge gained from creating the GMA T.50, the world's most aerodynamically advanced supercar. The T.33 Spider's Passive Boundary Layer Control (PBLC) system, which relies on clever underbody ducting in combination with a rear diffuser, delivers double-digit efficiency gains compared to a conventional ground effects supercar. The T.33 Spider is also the lightest open-top supercar in its class, which means it offers better agility and response, the reduced weight comes from the iStream Ultralight carbon monocoque technology that is comprised of carbon fibre composite panels bonded to extruded aluminium tubing and precision die-cast nodes. Much like the new Lamborghini Revuelto. The T.33 Spider's exterior design takes cues from some of the most iconic sports cars of the '60s, as seen in the elegant and timeless shape. All body panels are also made from carbon fibre, helping to keep the overall weight down. The interior of the T.33 Spider is simple, functional and a very nice place to be seated no matter which side of the car you’re on. Every control has been designed to enhance driving pleasure and reduce distractions, like the beautifully-machined aluminium rotary controls, the 120 mm floodlit analogue tachometer, and the exposed gearchange mechanism which all reflect the engineering artistry that goes into every GMA car. One of the unique interior features distinguishing the T.33 Spider from the coupe is that the rear bulkhead trim between the two seats is now body coloured, enhancing the feeling of openness and flow from the exterior into the cabin. As per the GMA website, all the T.33 units planned for production have already been spoken for, but there is an addendum that instructs you to contact GMA if you want one which alludes to the fact that the number of units planned for production doesn’t quite have a set figure yet. Pricing was revealed at $2 350 000, or R43 000 000 give or take a grand or two at current exchange rates.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing off everything you need to or want to know about the all-new, first of it's kind T.33 Spider, the latest supercar to be revealed by GMA in a rather quick succession - which bodes well for the future of the new automotive startup in the supercar sphere: Gordon Murray Automotive: T.33 Spider full reveal film | Gordon Murray Automotive

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