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Everything that McLaren touches turns into supercar royalty, and BMW is well aware of this. 

The car manufacturer from Surrey has a distinctive way of creating exquisite, top-notch automobiles, especially if it has a strong base to begin with. Case in point, the SLR McLaren – a stupendously fast Benz, made to challenge even the most hardcore supercars of its day. 

Anyway, BMW isn’t far from McLaren’s style of constructing automobiles, albeit the latter concentrates its energy on fewer, more exclusive, faster and more powerful cars. Still, the German automaker constructs its “mundane” products using state-of-the art knowledge and expertise, especially when it comes to it's M-cars, thus ensuring its notoriety as one of the best car makers around.

But even if the Bavarians are experts at creating fast sports cars, they never had the opportunity to build a full-blown supercar. Sure, the M1 was, in its own right, a fast mid-engine automobile, but even by 1978 standards, it wasn’t classified as a supercar. 

Still, lucky for the motoring world, BMW hasn’t given up on the idea of constructing a dedicated supercar, and new reports suggest that the Germans are in talks with McLaren to co-develop a truly unique project. 

According to CAR magazine, BMW’s secret flagship is scheduled for a Frankfurt show unveiling exactly two years from now – if the negotiations turn out to be successful, of course. Don’t forget, the last time when these two motoring giants worked together, the legendary McLaren F1 was born, so we're expecting something amazing this time too, in case things get very serious. 

Moreover, the British magazine continues stating that the supercar is scheduled to be in dealerships for 2019 and the models will be twinned by the carbon fiber monocoque of McLaren’s P16 project (the next-gen 650S). BMW will allegedly throw its 4.0-litre V8 into the mix, and with the help of four chargers (two exhaust-driven and two powered by the electric motors) it will develop somewhere around 750 HP. 

Apparently, the cars will differentiate from each other only stylistically, as McLaren’s architecture will incorporate BMW’s own design language. Of course, you should take this information with a grain of salt, because, at this point, nothing is firmly established. Still, apparently some sources within BMW’s research and development team said that the idea will most likely pass with flying colors. 

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