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The Mighty Car Mods guys are legends, and they know how to have a bunch of fun.

It's quite a simple story, really; back in 2008, two blokes from The Land Downunder decided to buy a car and modify it, they filmed their progress and made a show of it for YouTube.

Fast forward almost a decade, and Mighty Car Mods is one of the best channels out there for car enthusiasts and those interested in DIY car modifications. They've done some insanely cool mods over the past nine seasons, roping in professionals when the task at hand is to complex for their amateur mechanic skills.

In all that time, they've created a few cars that really stand out. In this episode, we see them challenge a 600hp V8 Supercar to a quarter-mile drag race against some of their own favourites.

This includes a 4WD turbo Diatsu Muira and a classic Mini sporting a Honda V-Tec and a massive supercharger that runs on ethanol. They also bring along a vehicle they call Mod Max. It was custom made for the movie Mad Max: Fury Road and is a zombie-destroying off-road Nissan Silvia powered by an LS1 V8.

They also chuck in their stock 4WD Ford Focus RS with all its electronic gadgetry and unleash Super Gramps, a Subaru Forrester that received a new engine, gearbox, intercooler and more – including an ethanol-kick-in-the-pants.

Finally, they bring out a pretty stock looking 80's-era Toyota Cressida (Cresda), the only hint that it's not stock are the really wide wheels at the back...

Needless to say, it makes for some fun viewing and definitely worth a watch. Enjoy!

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