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Devin Niemela takes on a year-long journey of transforming his stock Toyota GT86 from factory stock into the rocket you see now.

We could watch videos like this one all day long. Basically, take one guy called Devin, add a stock Toyota GT86, mix in his passion for modification and the talent to do it, and you get this incredible build.

He's worked on almost every aspect of this car by himself, including the installation of the widebody kit, generous rear wing and diffuser and assorted other body mods like carbon-fibre wing mirrors. He also fitted racing suspension and bags to slam the car as low as he could, fitted larger Brembo brakes, resprayed the custom mags, and even wrapped it.

Other mods include an aftermarket exhaust, touch-screen infotainment system, leather-covered bucket seats and aftermarket head- and taillight clusters.

The final product looks terrific and the transformation is astounding. Not bad for a one-man-band!

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