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This is the official (not really), most comprehensive low down on the Toyota MR2 you're going to find all day. Going all the way back to the beginning in ancient Japan (just kidding, only 1972), starting with the creator of Toyota's speed department, Akio Yoshida, who was literally doodling ideas on paper when he came up with the idea to put the engine in the back to distribute weight better and to enhance the aerodynamics of the car.

It was Japan's first mid–engine car with pop–up lights. When Toyota tested out the model, they had Dan Gurney, a world-renowned race car driver, design the suspension.
The Toyota MR2 finally went on sale in Japan in 1982 and was dubbed the most affordable and reliable sports car of its time. It was so reliable that it only required a service every two years. Later models were introduced with a supercharger, pushing the power up to 145hp but could be disengaged when it wasn't being used to help it save petrol.

Toyota decided to take the MR2 one step further and created a rally car to take offroad. It didn't last long as it's class was scrapped, making it irrelevant.

The MR2 was then given a makeover in 1990 and was dubbed the poor man's Ferrari, the exterior embraced elements of more expensive sports cars while still remaining affordable. The supercharger was replaced with a turbocharger and this second generation of the MR2 lasted over 10 years, with the only major changes being made to the suspension.

The next model was named Spyder and had toned down the sportiness and aggressive look of the previous model. It was dubbed the best handling mid-engined coupe, being compared with high esteem to the Porsche Boxter. Once sales of the MR2 started declining, Toyota stopped production of the Spyder in 2007.

Toyota then took a break from sports cars and began producing practical family cars until the release of the Toyota 86.

Check out the video below for a high-energy account of everything you need to know about the MR2!

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