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Thanks to a handful of automotive YouTubers, the chase for likes and subscribers has seen a rise in the most weird and wonderful engine swaps, and some of these are amazingly impressive. One of my favourites was a Ferrari engine in a Toyota 86, here on the home front there was an E92 M3 fitted with a Maserati powerplant, and then there’s the StanceWorks Honda-powered Ferrari 348. Another build that comes to mind is the Judd V10-powered Toyota Supra driven competitively by Ryan Tuerck. This engine that’s come up for sale, again, would make for one of the most epic builds in automotive YouTube history. This powerplant that would do the trick is what you see here, the Tipo F140, a normally-aspirated 6.0-litre V12 from the astounding Ferrari Enzo. There were only 400 of these cars produced, but to cater for warranties and issues, the company obviously created a few spare engines. We’ve seen them come up for sale before, advertised and new old stock, and perfect fir display. The thing is, new old stock means it’s ex-factory and hasn’t been fitted to a car before, and that also means the engine will run when you supply fuel, air and spark. The sale also comes complete with engine with inlets, the top-mounted carbon fibre airbox, engine ancillaries, and even the engine loom. This thing is begging to be swapped into something special instead of being looked at on display in some collector’s warehouse. The only downside is that the project will need to be undertaken by someone with a healthier-than-normal bank account, or be financed by some sort of crowdfunding.

It’s a job for the likes of Tavarish or Mat Armstrong, or even the Hoonigan Racing crew, the motor deserves it. The normally-aspirated V12 is a beast of an engine and is regarded by many Italian automotive fans, and a bunch of the world’s motoring fanatics, as the best engine ever created. Relying on capacity and a large number of cylinders, the V12 is rated to produce a very impressive 486 kW with 657 Nm of torque. In the technological marvel that is the Ferreri Enza, the Tipo F140 is able to propel the car to 100 km/h in just 3.1 seconds and affords it a top speed of 350 km/h. We’d love to see this fitted to something special, like maybe a minter of an R33 GT-R, or even an Alfa Romeo GTA. Pricing is the only downside, the engine is listed at RM Sotheby’s for auction at Monterey with reserve, and it’s expected to fetch between $100 000 and $250 000. It’s quite a good price when you consider that a Ferrari Enzo is valued at around $3 500 000 and upwards these days.

Take a look at the YouTube video from a good thirteen years back when Jeremy Clarkson was still a Top Gear superstar and got to pilot everything under the sun. This video is from the time he got to give the normally-aspirated 6.0-litre V12-powered Ferrari Enzo at full tilt and gives his usual, honest feedback in the way only Jeremy Clarkson can: Enzo Car Review | Top Gear | BBC | Top Gear

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