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How long do you think a car can run without engine oil? Here, that question is put to the test.

A car engine without any oil is like a body without any blood. Car engine oil plays a vital roll in lubrication between mechanical engine parts like pistons and crankshafts as well as provide sufficient cooling to the engine, which reaches up to boiling temperatures.

Over time, your engine oil changes its molecular structure due to constant heating up to extreme temperatures and then cooling down, as well as getting filled with contaminates. This results in your engine oil becoming thicker than normal and a lot darker in appearance as opposed to its golden honey-like colour. This is why it will have to be replaced every so often, which is done at your every service interval, failure to do so can result in very expensive and potentially catastrophic engine failures.

But what if you were to drive without any engine oil whatsoever? That means absolutely no engine cooling, as well as minimal engine cooling, from air-cooled designs.

Take a look at the rather risky video below by Carwow on YouTube titled, I Ran 3 Cars With No Engine Oil Until They Died. Which One Lasted The Longest?

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