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Just how big is the automotive manufacturer company Honda? They are much bigger than you might think, aside from motorcycles and lawnmowers, they also make jets.

The founder of Honda, Soichiro Honda, was an engineer and industrialist. He started out with manufacturing bicycles in Japan but wanted to offer more, so he took on the daunting task of automotive manufacturing. In 1948 he founded the company, Honda, which quickly rose to be one of the world's top consumer car brands after World War II, and has owned that international status right up to today.

However, Honda has also branched off in different engineering and technological manufacturing other than just the car game. In 2020, Honda is known best for its mark on automotive offerings with its smaller sister car company, Acura. Furthermore, Honda also manufactures motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, and much like Honda's car market, its motorcycle division is based on similar principles of producing and manufacturing reliable and affordable Japanese motors.

The one that most people are unaware of, though, is Honda's aircraft division, called HondaJet, where they produce aircraft and aeronautical engines. Honda has also got a power equipment division, which produces products such as generators, lawnmowers, pumps, snowblowers, tillers and trimmers. Honda also explored the open waters and has a division called Honda Marine, which produces some of the best boat engine technology. Honda is also an engine manufacturer which produce engines for a variety of machines and power tools and supply to various other equipment manufacturers around the world.

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