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There is a chap named Craig Lieberman that worked with all of the cars of the Fast & Furious franchise, he gives us the lowdown of Brian's GT-R and how it was almost A Neon SRT4.

Craig Lieberman has a channel on YouTube that focusses on the vehicles of the Fast & Furious franchise. The difference is though that he's not some chump critiquing the movies, he's actually the guy who helped create those incredible cars that petrolheads like us drool over.

In Craig's words, he says, "In this episode, we talk about how Universal considered a Neon SRT-4 instead of the GT-R. Fortunately, they wanted the movie to resonate with tuner fans and chose the GT-R.

"The video also covers behind the scenes stories about how we built the cars and used them."

This guy is definitely the guy you want to speak to when it comes to the F&F vehicles. If it wasn't for him telling the director and producers that making a Neon SRT-4 go faster was like "putting lipstick on a pig", the movies may not have ended up being as inspiring as they are for tuners and ricers around the world.

Hit play on the video below and, once you're done, make sure to check out some of his other clips of Fast & Furious facts, it's a ton of fun to watch.

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