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Nissan joins Italdesign to create the GT-R50, what they call "European-style sensibility" with another automobile Euro mash-up, have they pulled a Toyota move or will it be a success. 

The Nissan GT-R is probably the only true legend of Japanese performance automobiles that has been a success, going strong on 50 years now. But having joined a European car design company Italdesign to celebrate both GT-R and Italdesign’s 50th anniversary with a Nizmo GT-R 'Revitalisation' project...Is it a good idea - looking at the negative hype around cars like the latest Acura NSX and the Toyota's new collaboration build of the Supra with BMW.

Heres what we know - The Nissan GT-R50 is a complete bespoke design, of which only 50 cars will be individually handmade and designed. Built from the base of the Nizmo GT-R35, this Italdesign concept has been reworked in terms of the 3.8 litre twin turbo V6 engine now pushing out 710hp (530kW) from the stock GT-R 600hp (447Kw), a massive 780Nm of torque from the stock GT-R 652Nm, Lowered Bilstein suspension of just over 2 inches(5.4cm) and upgraded ceramic Brembo brakes.

Although the insides of this beast were modded quite significantly, Italdesigns focus was definitely the redesign of the aesthetics. This Nissan GT-R50 concept, that was featured at the Goodwood - Festival of speed, showcases an intriguing body design, blending liquid grey and sigma gold on the exterior, a raising spoiler, 'floating' signature Nissan GT- R rear lights, a more prominent front bumper with new headlights and redesigned body panels and interior, in fact rebuilt all the way through to and including, the chassis.

Whether this is a good or bad move on Nissan's part, I don’t know, but either way its a great way to celebrate a 50th anniversary. we are definitely looking forward to the unique designs of this legendary Japanese masterpiece.

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