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Take a look at this great tutorial on how to DIY restore your coolant tank.

Your coolant tank or reservoir is a plastic bottle which is mounted in the engine bay, usually towards the top side of the engine. Your engines coolant reservoir is necessary due to your engine going through various cycles of expelling and absorbing amounts of coolant fluid as your engine heats up or cools.

However, over the years you'll notice that the plastic bottle starts looking a bit nasty and usually goes brown and dull in colour, which is not what you want in your pride and joy show car!

There are a few options and approaches you can take to make your tank look better. There are hundreds of tutorials of how to scrub and clean them, but usually all that blood, sweat and tears just leaves you in disappointment!

There are two approaches we recommend, one being the easy but more expensive route which is replacing the reservoir coolant tank completely with a new one, or the other method that requires these three ingredients:

1. H₃NSO₃ - Sulphamic Acid Mixture

2. Sonax Ultra Cleaner

3. Dishwasher salt

Take a look at the step by step tutorial on how to restore your coolant tank in the YouTube video below by channel, LowMilage.

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