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When Lamborghini’s Aventador debuted in 2011, the aggressive and angular styling was something different in the supercar where most automakers were making smooth, flowing lines. The Aventador was futuristic-looking, featured full carbon fibre monocoque and made use of new materials and technologies that saw Lamborghini as the leader in the field. The Aventador is also the model that the banshee-like screaming V12 powerplant was specifically created for. The very first LP 700-4 was named after the power output and the output drive, so the 700 was for the horsepower (515 kW) and the 4 meant it was an all-wheel drive underneath. The 6.5-litre V12 tipped the scales at 235 kg, produced 700 hp with 690 Nm of torque and it could propel the Aventador to 100 km/h in under 3-seconds. 

Over the years there have been no less than nine variants of the Aventador, with a further nine low-volume special editions and another seven that make use of the underpinnings and powerplant. That’s plenty, but they can be grouped into smaller categories which is what Mat and the carwow crew managed to do for this ultimate Aventador drag race. The crew sourced an original Aventador 700-4, then an S (Sport) model, an SV (Super Veloce) model, and SVJ (Super Veloce Jota) model and then the latest Ultimae version and pitted them against each other on the usual wide airfield 

All of the Aventadors are all-wheel drive and they all have that sublime V12 providing power. Since 2011 there have been tweaks and tunes and so the initial power figure of 515 kW (700 hp)in the Aventador 700-4 rose to 574 kW (769 hp), and that’s not heaps in the grand scheme of things. The rest of the changes between the models comes down to the trim, the onboard electronics, the suspension setup and of course, styling. The biggest difference between the different players in the Aventador range is the price tag. Having the first models being 11 years old also affects the values as you’d expect, but how would an older one perform against a newer one? That’s the exact point of this video. No spoilers from us, but the results are interesting.

Take a look at this rad YouTube video where all-round nice guy Mat Watson pits the generations of the Lamborghini Aventador against each other to reveal which is the one you should spend your millions on: Lambo Aventador v S v SV v SVJ v Ultimae! Which is best? | carwow

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