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When someone at the BMW Group registered the new MINI Paceman they scribbled it down too fast and accidentally registered the Aceman. To save face, it was easier to tell the bosses that it was on purpose and so the idea of the Aceman was pitched and what you see here is the resulting concept car, the MINI Aceman. Of course, that’s all complete BS, it’s just weird that an automaker will have a MINI Paceman on the books, onely to add an all-new Aceman. Whatever its origins, this new MINI Aceman concept is pretty cool. “The MINI Concept Aceman provides an initial glimpse of a completely new vehicle, bridging the space between the MINI Cooper and the MINI Countryman in the model family’s future,” says Stefanie Wurst, Head of the MINI Brand. “This concept car reflects how MINI is reinventing itself for its all-electric future and what the brand stands for: an electrified go-kart feel, an immersive digital experience and a strong focus on a minimal environmental footprint. The design language of the MINI Concept Aceman heralds the beginning of a new design era for MINI,” explains Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design. Design features typical of the MINI brand have always been unmistakable, Hooydonk goes on to say. “We are returning to these now, but at the same time consistently combining them innovative technology. With this approach we are redeveloping the MINI design icons, with all their analogue strengths, for the digital future."

“The purely electric vehicle concept means the design can again be geared more towards MINI’s traditional basic values, in terms of the principle of using space creatively,” says Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design. “This creates models that take up little space on the road while offering even more comfort, more versatility and more emotion on the inside than ever before.” It’s an interesting design the Aceman, the closed grille is surrounded by clear surfaces, accentuated by an illuminated surround, the light green LED contour lighting doubles as daytime running lights. The distinctive Union Jack design is still found in the rear lights, a cool MINI feature. The Aceman rolls on 20-inch light-alloy wheels, the triangular outline in the centre of the rim to give depth and keep to a futuristic theme.  So far the concept is seen in this interesting Icy Sunglow Green variant body paint; “a light turquoise shade diving into gold, features a shade that comes through with varying levels of intensity depending on the light and the perspective. This means that it impressively tracks the subtle three-dimensionality of the surfaces and lines in the exterior.” is the weird PR talk that describes the colour.
As a throwback to the OG MINI cars, the Aceman roof is painted in metallic British Racing Green, and there’s roof racks with green fastening straps and an iridescent coating creating a metallic sheen covering a wide colour spectrum of blue, turquoise, green and violet. Navy blue is combined with blue-grey painted spokes on the wheels, the front and rear of the Aceman are in royal blue, loudspeakers are eye-catching pink-orange. Alec Issigonis designed an interior which, in addition to the seats, steering wheel and gear lever, needed nothing more than a central round instrument and toggle switch bar to experience unrivalled driving pleasure. “In the interior of the MINI Concept Aceman, we have concentrated on a simplistic appearance in combination with premium materials and welcoming colours. Digitisation enables us to make do with few operating elements and at the same time to maximise the experience in a way that is characteristic of MINI,” explains Oliver Heilmer. “The entire design is all about offering occupants a holistic experience in the interior space.”

Skipping most of the puffed details from the release, we come to this awesomeness. There’s a newly developed MINI Concept Aceman user experience that offers a “holistic experience of lighting and sound made possible by digital technology with a flowing transition between exterior and interior even before starting your journey.” It intensifies the experience of the different states/modes of the vehicle and the interaction with the occupants. The exterior light show includes the display of the MINI Companion as a sensor-based animation. “As soon as someone approaches the MINI Concept Aceman, they are tracked by a cloud of light in the front of the vehicle that gets brighter as they get closer. At the same time, an interactive sound emanates from the exterior loudspeakers, the intensity linked to the distance between the vehicle and the user. When the vehicle is unlocked, the matrix LED units on the grille surface display a Union Jack graphic. At the same time, the surround of the grille element lights up and the LED matrix of the right headlamp gives a friendly wink. The light animation is accompanied by an unmistakable sound sequence. It consists of four tones, each representing a letter in the MINI brand name. This sequence is called an earcon, which serves as a fixed symbol for certain events or information, in the same way that a visual icon does. When the door is opened, a colourful graphic image is projected onto the floor in the entry area. A corresponding radial “colour burst” of maximised pixels can be seen at the same time on the round display of the central interface, accompanied by a similarly multicoloured projection directed from the roof lining onto the dashboard and door panels. The welcome scenario is completed by the words “Hey Friend” on the display and a spherical sound unfolding, in which overlapping chattering voices and music sequences create the impression of a convivial meet-up, to be further developed on the coming drive in the MINI Concept Aceman."

As with most concept cars, there's all manner of new technologies and materials in play, many will make it to production, many are simply to show off the automaker's capabilities. It is amazing to see what is possible, and will be interesting to see which new technologies will become part of the norm. Take a look at the YouTube video showcasing the latest EV tech all wrapped up in the form of the MINI Aceman Concept. We're not sure how much of this concept will make it to production, but these days it's quite possible that it would look pretty close to what you see here: World Premiere of the MINI Concept Aceman | BMW Group

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