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Parker from Vehicle Virgins and his girlfriend Becca have a pretty solid relationship. How do I know that you ask? Because she didn’t strangle him after this little prank – there's something hilarious about a Mini sounding like a Lamborghini!

Parker takes Becca’s Mini Cooper to install her new dashcam, only that’s not all he decides to install. After installing the dashcam, which takes all of about 2 minutes, he heads to a couple of local auto parts stores to grab some more accessories for the Mini, including some stick on side vents and “custom” V10 badges to add a dash of panache to her ride.

Along with the badges, Parker downloaded an app that reads the vehicle RPM and actually plays the exhaust sounds of different cars through the stereo. While it’s meant to just be a fun app to play around with, if the driver doesn’t really know what’s going on, it just happens to make for a pretty funny prank. He sets the app up to make the Mini’s speakers blast his girlfriend with the sweet sweet sounds of a Lamborghini, then returns her car, sending her on a drive to get some sample footage from the dashcam under the guise of showing her how to download the footage.

Instead, the cam is pointed at her to catch her reaction to her cars new exhaust note, and her response is classic! She’s obviously surprised, looking around for any other source of the noise, including checking for aeroplanes to see what else could be causing her Mini Cooper to roar so fiercely. As she takes the car around the block, she goes through a range of emotions, eventually returning to the parking garage where her man finally reveals the deception.

Becca laughs it off and the video ends with her trying to get the "custom" stickers off her doors, a task that may be harder than she’s expecting. Hopefully the ones Parker snuck under the hood escape detection and stick around for a while.

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