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We have seen some crazy videos in our time, but check this man light a cigarette with an exhaust.

When you put together a bunch of car guys in a situation where maybe a little bit of boredom starts to set in, you never know what’s going to happen. You’ve probably seen these kinds of videos over and over again on the internet, you know, where maybe things got a little bit out of hand because a couple of friends were looking for something to do. It just so happens that we all have video cameras in our pockets these days, so, thinking up an idea for a viral video might just come together in a clip like this that ends up being a lot of fun. Honestly, this genre might be one of our favourites.

Here we see a couple of mates trying to light a cigarette using exhaust flames, sounds safe right? Fortunately, this one wasn't a 1000hp+ Supra but still, carry a Zippo, man!

Now, we’re going to have to recommend that you don’t do this, not only because the backfiring did nothing more than break the cigarette and wasn’t functional but also because it’s obviously pretty dangerous. However, watch the video below for yourself as these guys put on a sideshow act that's pretty entertaining to see. When you spectate as something like this goes down, you just can’t help but wonder what the thought process behind it was to come up with such an idea.

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