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Mercedes Benz just revealed it's all-new full-screen dash display, and it looks like a complete game-changer for the auto industry.

Similar to what Apple has been doing, Mercedes Benz hosted a live digital product reveal, which showcased their whole new innovative dashboard design and features.

With digital screens becoming the standard for dashboards, they have replaced your dial cluster, infotainment system, and even your A/C controls, and they are here to stay!

What Mercedes Benz has done is combined all of these digital displays and controls into one massive touch-sensitive screen that takes up the majority of the dashboard and, we must say, it looks incredibly minimalistic, classy and quite stunning at that.

The new dash consists of three ultra high-resolution displays, which lay behind a large screen to make the final finish completely seamless. The operating system and UX also received a fresh new update and has been specifically designed to be as user friendly and easy to understand as possible.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Mercedes Benz Just Changed The Game With Their Full-Screen Dash.

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