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The two latest stories to leave the press offices at Lamborghini aren’t mutually exclusive, and they’re also quite amazing. The first part will have plenty of you questioning just what line of work people are in who have not only have been exempt from any effects of an economically crippling worldwide pandemic, but they’ve done so well they could help companies like Automobili Lamborghini achieve record sales. Yes, that’s right, in the first quarter of 2022, the Italian supercar manufacturer set a new sales record with a whopping 2 539 Lamborghinis delivered globally, which in turn and just as unbelievable was 5% up on the previous year when the pandemic was still hitting hard. If you want to blow your mind even more, the figure is a full 31% higher than the figures in 2020 when the world’s finances were at their worst. The company looks set to break its annual sales figure record that was achieved in 2021 when a total of 8 405 cars were sold with a turnover of almost R25 billion (€1.95 billion).That’s a small country’s national GDP figures there.

“We’ve made a solid start to a year that will bring new challenges on a global scale. Despite the uncertainty caused by a geopolitical situation that is not only deeply distressing but also means it is hard to make forecasts of any kind, we can count on exceptional appeal worldwide right now. Every month the orders we take outstrip our output. We currently have enough to comfortably cover more than 12 months of production. In addition, we’re preparing for a new stage in the Lamborghini story in just under a year, as we move towards electrification with the arrival of the new V12 hybrid model in 2023” comments Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman & CEO of Automobili Lamborghini. The sales are split with 40% going to Europe, the Middle East and Africa, 32% to America and 28% to the Asia Pacific region. The only market that didn’t reflect growth was Russia as Automobili Lamborghini has suspended operations there. While the performance stuff is still the things dreams are made of, real world figures see nearly half of Lamborghini customers being particularly interested in the Urus Super SUV while the other half is split between the Aventador and the Huracán. The Urus and the Huracán had worldwide deliveries reaching 1,547 and 844 units respectively.
The sales figures obviously won’t be happening without quality products, and so while the sales figures are split mainly between the Urus and the Huracán, we all know the company’s success swings way more to the side of the Huracán. This Italian supercar was first introduced to the public in 2014, and it’s come a long way since then with a host of incarnations and special editions currently headed up by the Huracán Super Trofeo Omologata, the pinnacle of Huracán performance in a road car setup. Thanks to the amazing performance, brilliant soundtrack, some seriously good looks and a few years of hype by every other successful YouTuber, the Huracán has just hit the 20 000 models sold. The lucky number 20 000 was an STO in Grigio Acheso Matt (an amazing shade of grey) for a client based in Monaco. We’re sure to see images of it on social media in the coming weeks. 
Over the last eight years of Huracán production there have been no less than 12 road going versions and three track-oriented versions. Winkelmann comments: “At its unveiling we said that with the Huracán, Lamborghini is writing the next chapter in its great history. The Huracán has delivered an evolution of design, technological know-how, driving adventures, track records and sales records since its launch. It was designed as a car to provide super sports emotion in every environment, from daily driving to thrilling performance on track. Every iteration of the Huracán has stayed true to that Lamborghini philosophy, while in motorsport the Huracán is not only the protagonist of the Lamborghini one-make Super Trofeo series but has proved its dominance in GT3 series throughout the world.” Since 2014, 71% of customers chose the coupé while 29% opted for the drop top. The biggest buyer is the United States that makes up over 32% of all Huracán deliveries, followed by the UK and Greater China.
2014: LP 610-4                                                             
The Huracán LP 610-4 was fitted with a 5.2-litre normally aspirated V10 with 610 hp driving all four wheels to give the car the ability to hit 100 km/h in just 3.4-seconds while stretching its legs gets it to a top speed of 323 km/h. It was the first super sports car to features LED lighting throughout.

2015: Huracán LP 580-2
The Huracán LP 580-2 was fitted with the same 5.2-litre V10 but as the -2 in the name suggests, power was sent to the rear wheels only, and this saw a reduction in power to a more manageable 580 hp. With power to weight being something of a hot point in cars like this, the 30 hp drop in power was acceptable thanks to a massive 33 kg saving in weight over the all wheel-drive version. 

2016: Huracán Performante
The Huracán Performante was again more powerful with 640 hp and 600 Nm of torque on tap, and with Lamborghini’s patented ALA active aerodynamic technology, the Performante took the Nürburgring Nordschleife production car lap record and it was able to sprint to 100 km/h in 3.1-seconds and to 200 km/h in just 9.3-seconds.
2019: Huracán EVO
Here the sharper looks were combined with things like rear-wheel steering, torque vectoring and LDVI with predictive logic and when it was all mated to that 640 hp V10 made for a ridiculously fast car. A rear-wheel drive version was released in 2020 with 610 hp and 560 Nm of torque It was also the year that Automobili Lamborghini became the first automotive brand to use Augmented Reality (AR) for the virtual launch of a new model, the Huracán EVO RWD, its latest V10 super sports car was marketed directly to customers and fans using Apple’s AR Quick Look app. 

2021: Huracán STO 
The Huracán STO (Super Trofeo Omologata) was inspired by the Huracán EVO Super Trofeo developed by Squadra Corse for Lamborghini’s own race series. It too features that  its 640 hp normally aspirated V10 engine with 565 Nm of torque running to the rear wheels where it can propel the STO 100 km/h in a mere 3.0-seconds, with a sprint to 200 km/h taking just 9.0-seconds before running through to a top speed of 310 km/h.

2022: Huracán Tecnica
The Tecnica is instantly recognisable, it is as much a Huracán innovation externally as it is under the hood, but it’s the new looks that the SXdrv crew applauds. These things are hot! Sourcing its powerplant from the Huracán STO, there’s again 640 hp and 565 Nm of torque available at 6,500 rpm, which drops the 0-100 km/h to 3.2-seconds.

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