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According to reports by The Sun and The Daily Mail Producer and show host Simon Cowell is currently developing a new car show that will rival the BBC's market-dominating show, Top Gear.

The reports say that Simon Cowell has been head-hunted by many car content-based TV shows over the years which he has declined for a number of reasons, the main ones being that his time and efforts were already heavily invested in his current projects and that the ideas brought forward for these new car-related TV shows we 'no brainers'.

Simon Cowell admits that he is a big car enthusiast and loves talking about them and gets why there is a whole culture around this automotive fascination but the time has never been quite right, until now.

Cowell has been reported having discussions around a new car TV show, but no further information has yet been released.

It would be quite interesting to see a car show with Cowell as the host, the last time the music show legend was on a car show was back in 2007 with Top Gear...

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Top Gear on Simon Cowell - Insults Jeremy and takes a Lap | Interview & Lap | Top Gear

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