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Read on for the technical errors from The Fast And The Furious explained.

The Fast And The Furious movies were never meant to aim at die-hard car enthusiasts, and it's by no means any form of documentary either. The Fast and Furious is without a doubt a heist themed action movie, and that's all it was. Even Rob Cohen, the director of the movie, wasn't concerned with specific technical errors brought up by the technical advisor of the movie, Craig Lieberman.

Cohen said: "99% of the world's population won't realise that there were car errors, and car people won't be watching this movie anyway". But what it did in the process, and quite unexpectedly, was form an entirely new car subculture. And, with that done, fans have broken down every car scene from the movie and raged about technical errors about the cars.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel: Craig Lieberman on the Technical Errors From The Fast And The Furious Explained.

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