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Yup, there's an endless stream of people being idiots on the road. Here's a terrible driving car crash compilation of 2020.

If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it's that the fewer people on the road, the fewer accidents there are. It seems pretty obvious, but some people in governments around the world seemed surprised by this. Thank goodness they're in charge...

Anyway. Unfortunately, even with fewer vehicles traversing tarmac around the globe, people's driving ability hasn't improved, as displayed in the compilation video below.

One incredible example of someone who shouldn't be allowed to drive is the person who managed to completely cock-up driving into the covered parking lot. I mean, it's one thing to scratch a wheel on the pavement, but to try and get your car to climb the wall, after taking out parts of the boom, is something special.

Then, there are the usual suspects, the ones that jump red traffic lights, those who merge onto the highway without looking, and others who drive while intoxicated.

Fan favourites include cop chases – filmed by the dozens of media choppers – that almost always end in tears for the guilty drivers. These can go on for ages, with reckless driving that includes crashing into innocent bystanders and, sometimes, even a foot chase.

It seems that there will always be idiots on the road, so check out the terrible driving car crash compilation of 2020 below, and stay safe out there!

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