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The Ford GT is one of the most highly anticipated supercars in years and the company decided to reveal that it is significantly more advanced than most people will think. 

The car is equipped with 50 different sensors and the model generates about 100GB of data every hour. Ford says that this is the equivalent of around 25,000 music downloads and the data includes everything from the position of the pedals to the amount of humidity in the air. 

All this data is processed by 25 onboard computing systems that are controlled by 10 million lines of code. The Ford GT's sophisticated computing system works hand-in-hand with the vehicle's core race car architecture to enhance the performance and allows the Ford GT to deliver greater versatility and flexibility.

The Ford GT remains as responsive and stable at 180 mph as it is at 18 mph. Ford also points out that the Ford GT includes retractable aluminium cup holders, a capless fuel filler system and a hidden storage compartment that is located under the driver's seat!

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