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In the extensive Audi lineup, we have a few personal favourites, and if we remove the R8 from the equation because it’s no longer available, the next car of choice would be one of the automaker’s hatchbacks. The first prize is obviously the RS3 as that’s the top dog of the lot, possibly even the best hatchback from any automaker, but just one step down on the model ladder is the S3. Without the R in the name, affordability is a bit better and the powerplant loses a cylinder, but there’s still plenty of the RS3’s DNA in the car along with all the best on-board tech and features that money can buy. What you see here is the latest version of the Audi S3, and while it’s not an all-new model, the facelift has been extensive enough that the car has seen a host of changes that improve many aspects of the car. Visually, the Audi S3 has a sportier appearance; the hexagonal, frameless Singleframe features a new structure with L-shaped design elements accentuating the grille and large, angular side air intakes and motorsport-inspired front spoiler. Around the back is a new 2-part bumper and quad tailpipes which can be optioned in a performance spec with a titanium back box. The new light design features 24-pixel elements that make up the digital daytime running lights in the LED and Matrix LED headlights that are arranged in three rows on the upper edge of the housing and it is possible to switch between four digital daytime running light signatures in the MMI. “This offers our customers a higher degree of personalization. They can change the expression of their model at any time. The signatures interpret self-confidence and agility in different ways,” says Cesar Muntada, Head of Design Light Experience at AUDI AG. “This is also true for the coming home-home/leaving-home scenarios, which were designed individually for each signature.” At the rear, there’s also a new light design. The choice of paint colours means the cars should be able to suit most tastes, new metallic paint options include District Green, Ascari Blue, and Progressive Red while Daytona Gray is now also available in a matt finish.

Inside there have been a few tweaks from the shifter design and air vents to the decorative fabric inlays and new interior lighting that adds accents in the storage compartment, on the doors, in the footwell and the centre console and cup holder. The fabric panel in the front doors has five backlit segments in the door panel. The interior features dark colours with a few silver accents, a black roof lining, stainless steel pedals, illuminated door sills with aluminium inserts featuring the S logo, aluminium-style interior trim, artificial leather armrests, dual-zone aircon, a flat-bottom 3‑spoke multifunction steering wheel and sports seats with integrated headrests. Our favourite part is the powerplant, which in the case of the S3 is a turbocharged 2.0 litre 4-cylinder that has around 17 kW more power on tap, measuring in at a nice and strong 245 kW with an equally impressive 420 Nm of torque. There’s a 7-speed Stronic dual-clutch transmission in play and power is sent to all four wheels, and as a result, when hoofing it from a standstill the facelifted Audi S3 is capable of a 0 to 100 km/h sprint in just 4.7 seconds and it has a top speed electronically limited to 250 km/h. The 7-speed S tronic now enables a more spirited launch thanks to higher starting torque achieved by compressing the clutch pack of the respective clutch more strongly. To add to the refinement, shift time for gearshifts under full load has been halved. Engine speeds are increased under partial load when the transmission is set to D resulting in impressive responsiveness. Just like the RS3, the torque splitter is now also available in the S3, to help increase agility and stability as it allows fully variable torque distribution between the rear wheels. This torque splitter uses an electronically controlled multiple disk clutch on each drive shaft to optimally distribute the torque between the rear wheel on the inside and the outside of the curve There are six Audi Drive Select modes, a more lenient Sport Mode, tweaks to the suspension and it rolls on 18-inch wheels as standard with 19-inch as an option. These fit the new 357 mm brake discs just right. There’s a lot more to it, but we reckon these are enough cool reasons to make the latest Audi S3 quite the desirable car, and having it in a sedan version just widens the appeal to the buying public. We’d have the Sportback though.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the Audi pros and fanatics over at Auditography as they take a walk around and a close look at the latest version of the Audi S3. It may not have the 5-pot of the RS3, but it still has a healthy 235 kW on tap - we like this: FINALLY REVEALED! 2024 AUDI S3 FACELIFT 333HP - MORE POWER, DRIFTMODE, BIGGER BRAKES and much fun! | Auditography

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